Studio Policy


A trial lesson is required for all new students. This trial lesson is used to:

1.  Assess student(s) current skills and musical aptitudes. 

2.  Discuss the student(s) musical interests and goals.

3.  Allows the student(s) to experience how lessons work and allows the instructor to observe student(s) individual learning styles.  
4.  The trial lesson is not free - there is a regular hourly charge based on the time of the lesson. 

Student is accepted into the studio (expectations)

4.  Assignments or the coming lesson.

5.  Assignment of books and resources for the next lesson.

6.  Choose lesson time and set up payment schedule.

7.  Discuss final expectations for both the student(s) and instructor. 

The trial lesson is a way for both the student(s) and the instructor to decide if the studio is a good fit for both. 


Each student will receive a log in user name and password to access the website. This part of the website provides students with additional resources used during private music instruction.    

Parents of younger students will use this portion of the website to assist their children with practice, look for updates on inclement weather, and stay up to date with practice needs for their son or daughter for the next lesson. 


Students have a regular, weekly lesson time slot assigned (i.e. 4:30 p.m. Wednesday)


Regular attendance provides the student with the best opportunity to grow their musical skills.  I encourage students to reschedule rather than cancel.  Rescheduled lessons will be credited on the next months payment with at least 24 hours notice as outlined below. No refunds are given at any time

CANCELLATION with at least 24 hours notice 

Every attempt to accommodate a rescheduled lesson will be made with 24 hours notice.  However sometimes lessons cannot be rescheduled.  In this event a students account is credited.  A cancelled lesson will only be rescheduled one time. 

CANCELLATION  with less than 24 hours notice

If a student cancels with less than 24 hours notice the students account can not be credited and lesson slot is forfeited for rescheduling.  

*Exception - inclement weather (schools in the area must have experienced a closure due to inclement weather in order for credit to be given)


ONE and only ONE lesson can be rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice.  There are occasions when life just happens and things can’t be avoided.  This one time allowance is made for just such occasions. 


I try to keep the costs down for students to about $50.00 a year.  Local music stores G & M Music, Shenandoah Music, and online resources carry a large selection of the instructional materials I use for voice ,piano, and guitar lessons. 


From time to time there is a need for students to withdraw from lessons due to family emergencies, a change in interests, or conflicting schedules and responsibilities. When this occurs, one months notice to the studio is expected so that students on a waiting list can be notified of an opening.  The student will forfeit any paid lessons not completed during the month of cancellation.